What Is Exotic Hunting?

Exotic hunting is the pursuit of game animals that are not indigenous to a particular area. The term usually refers specifically to hunting animals from continental Africa, although sometimes includes species native to Australia, Asia, and South America.

Most people in the states have never even seen scimbok, eland, or axis deer but exotic hunting gives North American hunters the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most interesting game without having to cross an ocean to do it.

These non-native animals provide an exciting opportunity to stretch your hunting skills and pursue exotic game without ever leaving the country, no passport necessary.

See Which Exotic Is Right For You Call Now
See Which Exotic Is Right For You Call Now

Exotic Hunting Expeditions

Trophy Deer Hunting in Texas

The concept of deer herd management was born in the state of Texas. Due to successful management and careful culling, you’ll be hard-pressed to find healthier, or larger whitetails than you will in the Lone Star State.

To be clear this is not considered “exotic hunting,” in fact nothing could be more American than hunting a healthy whitetail deer in the USA and Texas offers some of the most exciting whitetail deer hunting that the United States has to offer.

Why Hunt At Lazy J Ranch?

At Lazy J Ranch, you’ll have more than just the opportunity to hunt huge trophy whitetails. We also offer guided hunts for elk, axis deer, and a wide range of African exotics. On all our hunts, you’ll have an experienced guide to help you every step of the way.

Included in the price of our hunts are all meals as well as lodging in the comfortable hunting cabins located right within our hunting area. Our cabins provide all the amenities of home including television with Dish Network, Wi-Fi, private suite bathrooms, and fully-stocked kitchens.

Lazy J Ranch is conveniently located between Houston, Dallas, and Austin, and is just a short drive from several international airports.

From small weekend warrior families to large corporate offices we can accommodate your every needs. Our promise is that we will never overbook our ranch and each hunting trip is your own personalized retreat with many outdoor activities that other ranches don’t provide.

Experience A New Kind Of Hunt Call Now
Experience A New Kind Of Hunt Call Now

The History of Exotic Hunts in Texas

nilgai antelope first exotic hunting speciesExotic hunting in Texas was born in the 1930s when ranchers released nilgai antelope, a species native to India, to roam on King Ranch in south Texas. Since then, exotic hunting has become one of the fastest growing hunting trends in the Lone Star State. Today, you’ll find almost 100 different exotic species from Cameroon, Botswana, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and other places which can be found right here in Texas.

Ranchers recognize that the terrain and climate of the Texas Hill Country are quite like the African Savannah and temperate grasslands of Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. This allows many exotic species to thrive in Texas, just like they were if they were living in their native habitat.

Hunting exotic animals in at the Lazy J Ranch takes place year-round. Texas currently has no season regulations or bag limits on exotic game animals. This provides unlimited opportunities for unique hunting experience all year long.

Hunting in Texas affords hunters the opportunity to pursue big game animals such as African gemsbok, wildebeest, sable, and even zebra. The experience will stretch your skills as a hunter, get your adrenaline pumping, and create memories you’ll never forget.

How Hunting Helps Wildlife and the Environment

Hunting has many positive effects on wildlife, including population control. The controlled culling of animals that responsible hunting provides, helps keep surviving populations healthier. Wildlife overpopulation can cause the spread of disease, overgrazing of sensitive habitats, as well as roadway accidents and destruction of agricultural crops. Hunting helps to keep the wildlife population in balance with what the land can naturally support and maintain.

Hunting also helps protect the environment and conserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Each year, hunters pour over a billion dollars into conservation efforts in the form of state hunting licenses and fees, consumer taxes on firearms and ammunition, and donations to independent conservation groups such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited. There really is no conservation group as active or productive as the American hunter.

How Hunting Benefits People

Hunting has many benefits for the hunter, as well. Hunting is a way to connect with nature while providing fresh, lean, free-range meat for your family. Exercise, fresh air, friendship, and adventure are also great benefits that hunters enjoy from engaging in the sport.

Hunting benefits communities by keeping surrounding wildlife populations in check. Many species of wild animals are destructive to property and agriculture, or are dangerous to humans and livestock. Keeping populations of these animals in balance with the resources of their environment helps keep the relationship between wildlife and human society a positive one.

Our family friendly ranch can accommodate any sized party. Simply call us to click on one of the exotic animals above to find out the adventure of the hunt.

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Our family friendly ranch can accommodate any sized party. Simply call us to click on one of the exotic animals above to find out the adventure of the hunt.

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